Publisher and Executive Editor:
Fred Schepartz:
Founder of Mobius, and the author of Vampire Cabbie, he is a taxi driver (what a coincidence!) in Madison, Wisconsin. In the wake of the election of Barack Obama, he is gloating over the hate mail archives. This is him in front of Democracy Now headquarters:

fred schepartz photo

Poetry & Art Editor:
F.J. Bergmann:
The poetry editor of Mobius since 2007 and the art editor since 2009. A sadly outdated idea of her tastes, as well as several of her chapbooks, can be obtained from her personal site, She infrequently blogs about aspects of poetry and science fiction and other things that annoy her at Disorient Express. She has no academic literary qualifications, but hangs out sometimes with people who do. Fully vaxxed for anything she is likely to encounter.