current issue
Volume 32 Number 1


Boardwalk and the Upper Crust
—Robert Collings

A Grand Bargain
—Jonathan B. Ferrini

Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.
—Eli Horowitz

Community College
—Richard Krause

The Hungry Mother
—Jean Lee


Unpromised Land by Henry Rampike

Unpromised Land
acrylic on canvas
—Henry Rampike



Songs of Resurgence wisconsin protest songs

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A note of apology to some of our poets: we've irretrievably lost all emails to and from the poetry editor from Sept. 30 to Feb. 3. If you had work accepted in that interval that has not yet appeared, we no longer have it; please get in touch.

—Ujjvala Bagal-Rahn

Split Brains
—Andy Dibble

Skeleton Hospital
—Howie Good

She Discovers Her Grandfather the Republican Lawyer Was a Secret Nazi Hunter
—Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Jeff’s World
—Jack Homer

Hurt Music
—Michael Jones

Clark Kent
—Michael H. Levin

What’s the Very First Thing You Do upon Waking?
—Richard J. Rosenthal

They’ll Call the Cops on Your Fine, Black Ass
—Melanie Stormm