current issue
Volume 28, Number 2


The Dream
—David A. Einhorn

Tried So Hard to Get the Twang out my Mouth
—Perry Genovesi

Historical Relations of Biological and Artificial Humans
—Mark Howard

Jack Straw Says
—Melvin Litton

—Lee Sullivan


Civilizations Past by Steven Vincent Johnson

Civilizations Past
© 1981
—Steven Vincent Johnson


Susan Joan Wood
(August 22, 1948–November 12, 1980) was a multiple Hugo Award-winning fan editor and fan writer, a literary editor, critic, scholar, professor, fan historian, and feminist activist. She was remarkably energetic and profoundly influential. Her writing from 40 years ago remains relevant to the latest controversies in the SF community. If she were alive today, there is no doubt she would not just be saying something, she would be doing something about it. The Susan Wood Project is dedicated to her memory and to carrying on in her spirit.

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—Khadija Anderson

“a man sits …”
—Eloise Brown

—Rob Carney

The Dark Ages
—Gary Jones

—Michael Jones

Because of the Clinic, I Am Alive to Tell You This
—Ann Kestner

Gift Horse
—Michele Leavitt

Still Lifes with Tolerance
—Loria Mendoza

You Clamoring Empire
—Ethan Phibbs

“the way each leaf …”
—Simon Perchik

Filling Up at the Moonlight
—Erin Wilson

The Word Factory
—Mark Young