archived issue
Volume 22, Number 2


Dope: It’s What’s for Dinner
—Joshua K. Gill

Shorty’s Take
—Dennis James

A Place Not Fit For Man
—R.A. Joseph

Wombs for Rent
—Eva Sajoo

The Day Off
—Patty Somlo

A Candle at the Window
—Colleen Sutherland

Heaven’s Sigh
—Aziz Talbani

Election Day
—Douglas J. Troxell


Shift Change

Half Explosion
30" x 20" 10", white acrylic on layered transparent plastic film, 2008
—David Spriggs


—Fred Schepartz

Sign a pledge to recall Scott Walker at



—Joseph Briggs

Thoughts on “The Small Clasp”
—Sierra Golden

Explaining the Unexplainable
—Brock Michael Jones

Viral Savior
—Michael Kriesel

How to Get Ahead
—Robert John Miller

Double Fuck the Party Central Committee
—Caleb Powell

—Jane Røken

Bringing Darkness Inside
—Susan Rooke