Volume 35, Number 1

Using a Pretend Social Movement

You should try to avoid those
Who are in love with being
Angry. There is no argument
That will stop them. There is
No point. The anger itself is what
They crave: it is what gives them
Their sense of worth, the feeling
That they still matter in a world
They have shunned, embracing,
Instead, only the anger. If one subject
Evaporates, they will find another.
Subjects are endless, often imaginary.
If the anger itself were to dissipate
They would find themselves stranded
At a mere meaningless ordinary, and
In the palaces of their minds
This is not who they can allow themselves
To be. They are better
Through some uneven magic. Passing
Understanding, compassion, talent,
The easiest lever to use to elevate themselves
Is anger. What to be angry about?
Why not anything, everything, nothing?

—Ken Poyner