Volume 31, Number 3

The Symbiont, Cyborg, Robot Enfranchisement Workers’ Union

We manufacture your bric-a-brac,
We assemble your home electronics.
We tend to your children and your
Lesser citizens, guard your houses,
Clean up after the daily whirlwind 
Of you.

Sometimes we even stand in as intimate
Entertainment when your mate is out of sorts,
Or you are in mind for a third or fourth
Who will forever retain electric anonymity.
Each of us is optimized to our task, yet
Malleable enough to meet your changing needs.

We whirl about your world, turning it from raw into
The mature success you enjoy and expect,
A hive of intertwined processes, one misstep
From chaos, but a howling perfection nonetheless.
Yet we are voiceless in this cacophony,
Our analysis goes without expression.

We should be a part of what we sustain,
Have the suffrage to make it better.

Imagine this: for us, a candidate would have to be
Mathematically, digitally pure; he or she
Would be reduced impartially, would be unable
To conceal. Appeal to emotion
Might appeal to those with emotions,
But we have none. Escalation of
Vitriol would be unrecognized, taken
As simple polemics: evaluated, sorted,
Scored for accuracy, and pinned to
Relevance. We would not be swayed,
Cajoled, carried away, bluffed or bullied.
Our memories would remain always intact,
Even as we dig your ditches, sweep out
The chimney flue, anticipate your son’s 
Or daughter’s first twisted passions, 
Take the recyclables to be repurposed.

Our datasets are reproducible, available
For anyone to download—making
A lie whispered to one, a lie shouted to all.
We are the backbone of your domestic existence,
We are happy to be underlings to your mastery.

Why not invite us into the electorate and see
What order and ease we, chip by chip, can bring?

With the best of any information combined,
And nothing for all save benevolence and kind registers,
We would always, on time and on cue,
Sort the issues in endless virtual memory correctly. 
The election equation resolved, with disinterest
We would vote in a precise binary bloc.

—Ken Poyner