Volume 34, Number 4

A quantum state

plays a powerful role in how we hear harmonies
is buying a VIP package at $1,249.99 for the upcoming Taylor Swift tour
demonstrates what black bears have to teach us about intelligence
is a mathematical entity that embodies the knowledge of a quantum system

suddenly does something completely different from what it was doing before
starts working in a “happy ending” massage parlor on a three month contract
offers the most effective personalized fitness programs that are built with love
represents uncertainty about the real physical state of the system

considers Eyes on the Prize to be the finest documentary film series ever produced
tells the story of all the animals in the jungle holding an annual dance
is thinking of splurging on a lapdance the next time round
changes by a different set of rules than classical states

always wants to break away from the peleton
is less Schrödinger in Papillon, more Schroeder in Peanuts
is very rarely mistaken for an Australian or any other variety of pelican
can be an eigenvector of an observable

makes its living by guest speaking on the restless nature of life
once crossed the Himalayas on a single-wheel mountain bike
is seriously considering gender reassignment surgery
is any possible state in which a quantum mechanical system can be

—Mark Young