Volume 25, Number 1

Puzzle Book 27

The young man in row four works his Word Find It Puzzle Book # 27 while I lecture on invention. “Mind mapping,” I say, “allows writers to group their thoughts. Okay, let’s see how it works.” All but the man in row four attempt the technique. He continues to find words and to strike through the list of those he discovers. I say, “Samuel, are you having difficulties with the technique?” He doesn’t look up; he continues to hunt down the elusive words hidden among a page full of them. Normally, I tell a student off task to leave, but Samuel isn’t off task. He is doing exactly what his mind tells him to do with those words in that book. I reread the notice from Students with Disabilities informing me that Samuel may need extra time to complete some assignments. I think about sending Samuel away, but where will I send him? What will I do when he comes back?

—Tom Gribble