Volume 20, Number 1
Original Sin

Angels battle chaos demons, the war
Between hell and heaven just beginning,
Christ still a corporal. Hitler too. All
Depends where you’re standing. Everything
Ends in a stalemate eleven seconds
From Lucifer’s first swing at the old man.
God gets a shiner. Michael steps in. Bee
Hive of light tearing itself apart in
Interstellar indigo. Not over.
Just the fact we’re all here, from Cain on down,
Killing each other over religion
Leaves little doubt the war’s still going on.
Most likely it spilled over into a
New arena. Angels with tails. Humans.
Openings between their legs for seeds of
Prophets and holy warriors. Even
Qabalists demonize their enemy.
Recruiting posters fill churches. You can
Sign up at any synagogue or mosque.
Trivialize evil? Good? Wish I could!
Underestimate neither one’s thirst for
Vengeance. Meanwhile, disguised as all our small
Wars, God’s drags on. Satan mounts ad campaigns.
Xena the warrior princess straddles
Yggdrasil, her sword hacking its trunk, as
Zorro’s sword tip zips Zarathustra’s cheek.

—Michael Kriesel