Volume 34, Number 4

A Few Modest But Heartfelt Proposals for the Presidents and Executive Directors of Certain Academic and Cultural Institutions

The new filing says the family has “agreed to allow any institution or organization in the United States to remove the Sackler name from physical facilities and academic, medical, and cultural programs, scholarships, endowments, and the like.”
It requires that any institution planning to do so give the family 45 days notice and not disparage the Sackler name.
            —Artnet News

After you chisel and scrape their family name
off your libraries, your labs, your concert halls,
and the portals of your dignified museums,
maybe you can consider these other ways
to honor them: Commission some requiems
for mass family choirs to render with passion.
Send choirs in caravans out through heartland towns.
Fill football bleachers, high school gymnasiums.
Send your best curators and photographers
to gather sorrows to hang in careful light—
so they and their corporate partners get their due.

—Dan Overgaard