Volume 31, Number 3

Explain Like I’m Five: Defund the Police

Think about it like this: You hire a contractor to remodel your bathroom. The first day he shows up and works and everything is fine. Rips out the tub, toilet—good progress. Then you get called on a work trip for a week. Returning home you see instead of using the driveway, the contractor has been doing donuts in the yard and he's knocked holes in the walls of the living room for some reason. You have a contract and he is still technically working on your bathroom, something you need to live in the house—but at the same time, you're going to fire him and hire a new contractor and in the new contract you'll specify not to knock holes in the walls of other rooms or drive in the yard—to stick to remodeling the bathroom, the job we want done by them. That’s what it means when someone says defund the police. It's hiring a new contractor to serve and protect because the old one is fucking our shit up.

—Zebulon Huset