Volume 26, Number 1

Communiqué #5

I was most surprised by the profundity
of their ignorance, for the first time
understood the nature of privilege. They saw
the world through anticipating the
pleasures that came while waiting to be told what
to do, becoming a separate
species to me, bringing my food bowl, passing
me a gallon of water. All I
saw were the walls and whatever insects were
sticking to the windows from the out
side, dependent on the season. I began
to wonder about the world, seeing
most as indifferent to all but self interest,
even me, for I still thought that I
mattered simply by being alive, my own
imagination better than their
stale bread. Pardon me. I’ve just told you a tale
that never happened, but the smile and
the fist and the lights going out were real.

—Sandra Kolankiewicz