Volume 34, Number 4

Bomb Threats

Making a bomb threat used to be so easy.

Thousands and thousands of public phones
were scattered across America.

Just slip
into booth,
put cloth
over mouth,
call in
and be gone
before anyone knew.

But those were the old days.

Privacy and undetected movement
are becoming things of the past.
Anyone can be tracked anywhere now.

Instant GPS tracing.
Constant satellite tracking.
Voice recognition software.
Police cams everywhere.
Facial recognition AI’s
racial profiles, programmed eyes.

Where does it all end?

Though getting away with a bomb threat today
is no longer so easy for some,
it’s easy as ever for others

—those who command the missiles and jets,
who publically announce
all options are on the table.

But listen to them complain
if a bomb threat ever comes their way.

Lucky for them so many people believe
the pen is mightier than the bomb.

—Mark Zimmermann