Poems alphabetized by title

34 Years Later
Mara Lee Grayson

’Abd al Muqeet
Geoffrey A. Landis

Brionne Janae

Adelson’s Checker-Shadow Illusion
M. A. Istvan, Jr.

Advanced Tree-Planting
Marc Vincenz

After Bush
Alejandro Escudé

After Mythology
Samuel T. Franklin

After the Revolution
Geordie de Boer

After Us
Peter Schneider

Brock Michael Jones

albert ayler
sean burn

Alien Observation
Ken Poyner

Aliens vs. Predators
Jonel Abellanosa

All Right
Ralph Murre

Ken Poyner

am Ende sein
Bruce Robinson

America is 15 times the size of Afghanistan
LaToya Jordan

American Dream
Hunter Conway

American Dream
Pedro Poitevin

American Odyssey
Lawrence Buentello

America’s Sweetheart
Tova Seltzer

“among the homeless”
ayaz daryl nielsen

the anarchist’s guide to relative enlightenment
(skipping-rope song)

Jane Røken

Animatronic Song
Jason Braun

Another Poem about the Fourth of July
Christine Potter

An Apology
Emily Zhang

Arbitrary Lines
Mark Danowsky

Art Informel
Mark Young

As Real
Vani Kannan

Christine Potter

Rob Carney

At the Air and Space Museum
James Hannon

At the Border
John N. Miller

Attention Is Infinitesimal
Michael Jones

The Audience
Jonel Abellanosa

Back Page of the Free Weekly Newspaper, Englewood, Colorado, May 8, 2005
J. Diego Frey

Backhanded Apology
Megan Falley

Boyd Bauman

because i’ve been listening all along
Stephanie Guo

Because of the Clinic, I Am Alive to Tell You This
Ann Kestner

Mark Zimmermann

Bedtime on Independence Day
Kimberly G. Jackson

Believe Me
Bruce Robinson

Benefiting from the Strike
Ken Poyner

Ujjvala Bagal-Rahn

John C. Mannone

Birds and Beasts
Norman Minnick

Birds on the Beach
Loretta Marie Long

Chelsea Coreen

Black Pyramid
Michael Kriesel

Daniel Romo

Bleeding Out
Lucinda Marshall

the blessed sickness

Blind the Windows
Marybeth Rua-Larsen

The Blood
Ron Riekki

Blood-Red Dreams
James Schneider

Blue Fairy
Sarah Terry

Ed Meek

Border Police
Laura C. Lippman

Breaking In
Robert Lietz

Breaking News
Ian Willey

Brevard County, Florida
LindaAnn LoSchiavo

Bola Opaleke

Brief Letter in Red Lipstick Found on Windshield
zakia henderson-brown

Bright Spots
Crystal Simone Smith

Bring Back Bees
Laura Grace Weldon

Bring Me the Head of Yukio Mishima
Wade German

Bringing Darkness Inside
Susan Rooke

Mary Soon Lee

Bullets To Spare
Andrw Valentine

By We I Mean America
Jim Davis

Calumet 2018
Ed Werstein

Camera Obscura
Sean Lause

Camping Poem
Frank Fucile

Case 3031
Kimberly Poitevin

Deonte Osayande

The Census Taker Reminisces
Mike Collins

Michael L. Newell

Cinderella Story
Sandra Lindow

Civic Duty
Ken Poyner

Civil Discourse
Laura Grace Weldon

Joan Mazza

Clark Kent
Michael H. Levin

Clinical Specialist
Kael Moffat

clusters of titanium dioxide
Mark Young

George Such

Collateral Damage
Chuck Rybak

The Colossus Steps Down
Laura Winkelspecht

Comes a time
Steven Bernal

Communiqué #5
Sandra Kolankiewicz

Jane Røken

Scott Wiggerman

Convention. Hurricane.
L.M. Alder

Control Issues
Herb Kauderer

Richard Swanson

County Lines
J. Scott Brownlee

The Couple Who Walk Fast
Don Helley

D.R. James

Samantha Berstler

Aaron Lee Moore

The Dark Ages
Gary Jones

Dawn Loaded
Perry L. Powell

A Day in the Modern Age
André Braga Cabral

Dear Clinical Board of the United States of Artillery
Matt Pasca

Dear [Redacted]
Alexandria Herr

Dear Tom Paine
Ryan Eckes

Ken Poyner

Jeffrey Park

Ian Sanquist

Jeanie Tomasko

Ken Poyner

Peter Halpin

Directions for Reading the National Enquirer
James P. Roberts

Disappearance of the Bees
Laura Hanna

Disassembly at auction
Robin Wyatt Dunn

A dollar a day
Daisy Bassen

Don’t Let the Fascists Win
Andy Posner

Door County
Jim Schneider

Double Fuck the Party Central Committee
Caleb Powell

Dipika Mukherjee

Drive-Through Absolution
Devon Balwit

Jared Pearce

from Elegy for the Scholar of Palmyra
James McKee

Embedded, Engulfed 1992
Karen Greenbaum-Maya

The Empress (reversed)
Robert Beveridge

The English Teacher Gets a Lesson in Inference
Lauren Schmidt

Escape Artist
Howie Good

Euphorbia esula
Mark Trechock

“Even Hitler”
John C. Mannone

Executive Profile
R.L. Sanford

Quinn White

Explain Like I’m Five: Defund the Police
Zebulon Huset

Explaining the Unexplainable
Brock Michael Jones

Faculty Development Comes to the College of Micronesia
Bern Mulvey

Failed States
Thomas R. Smith

Falling Apart
Geoff Collins

Family Portrait
Warren Meredith Harris

Filling Up at the Moonlight
Erin Wilson

Final Review Before Termination
J. A. Field

Fine Print
Mark Trechock

Bern Mulvey

First Day of Kindergarten
Catherine Marenghi

The Flight
Neil Weston

Nicholas Kasimatis

For Adam Toledo
Susanna Lang

For Luddites like me,
Katie Hibner

For You, Again
Cindy Buchanan

Carol Alexander

Forgotten and Forbidden
Emily Zhang

Forgotten Grace
Mickey J. Corrigan

Tadeusz Dziewanowski, translated by Daniel Bourne

From the Hand
Ujjvala Bagal-Rahn

A Frontier of Ethiopian Futurism
Dale Wisely

Full Service
Marjorie Thomsen

The Future
Rick McKenzie

[future word]
Mark Cunningham

Keith S. Wilson

Erik Tate

A Garbologist Shares His Thoughts
Robert Laughlin

The Garden of the Universe
Linda Ferguson

Geeky Perspective: A Unique Pairing
Sean Brower

Genesis 3:6–23
Matthew Nadelson

Deonte Osayande

Gift Horse
Michele Leavitt

Glendora Group Home Takes an Outing
Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Going All-In
Rob Carney

Going to the Woods
Daniel Bourne

Golden Hind
Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Golden Jubilee
Wendy Vardaman

Good News Sestina
Judith Terzi

The Great Depression
Kate Hammerich

The Great Pause
Marc Vincenz

The greatest of these
John Miller

The Gunman and the Ape
Sally Houtman

Hafiz Reflects on Abundance
Tom Neale

Haibun on Hot Water
Chad Frame

Half a Couple
Ken Poyner

Chen Chen

James Wilk

Hate is a Dog
Richard Spilman

He Developed an Export Plan for Industry
Mark Young

He Made Do
Lowell Jaeger

SJ Fowler

Stephen Galiani

Henry Ford Hospital, 2007
Deonte Osayande

Here in what Used to Be Mexico
Rob Carney

Dale Wisely

Homage to Antonio Machado
John Jansen

Homophobe Recommends Marrying a Potted Plant, a Dog, an Ottoman….
Charles Cantrell

Honey, We Need to Talk About Lizzie
Olivia Romano

Hopeless Romantic
Bethany L. Young

Hot Rod Lincoln
Howie Good

Bethany Bowman

How to Get Ahead
Robert John Miller

How to Pass for Human, Without Passing for Normal
Aleph Altman-Mills

How to Read the Decameron
Michael H. Levin

Hurt Music
Michael Jones

James P. Roberts

I just did what I always do: eat
Jennifer Jackson Berry

I Really Need to Stop Whining
Scott Hartwich

I Was Sad This Morning and Now I'm Not
Christine Potter

If today they shoot me, listen to this
Richard Magahiz

If VAs Were Magical Places
Kateema Lee

If you leave the knife
Annmarie O’Connell

If you’re watching Face the Nation
Marilyn L. Taylor

IKEA No-nonsense Return Policy
Daniel Romo

Illegal Light
Brad Maxfield

I’m Not Much Fun at Cocktail Parties Anymore
Elisabeth Harrahy

I'm reading made-up stories
Kate LaDew

Victress Hitchcock

Ken Poyner

The Important Thing
Ian Willey

In Country
Jeffrey Park

In Line
Sergio Ortiz

In My Hand
Willie James King

In Serbia
Aileen Bassis

In Taos
Laura LeHew

In Which I Learn That My Daughter, Like Arya Stark and Hillary Clinton, Has a Kill List, Only Hers Is For Real, I Mean, Not Real Real, But Still, Real
Lea Page

Incoming Nukes
Isaac Black

Sasha Ettinger

Independence Day Was a Documentary
C. J. Miles

Ken Poyner

Initiation Poem
Scott T. Starbuck

Inside this monument a rain

Simon Perchik

John C. Mannone

The Interview
Holly Day

Investing 101
Gil Hoy

It’s Not Just Elsewhere
Mark Danowsky

It’s not your usual watering can

Simon Perchik

Jane Goodall (b. 1934)
Jessy Randall

Jeff’s World
Jack Homer

Just off the ground …
Simon Perchik

Keeping Clothes White
Naomi Beth Wakan

Kids These Days
Cortney Lamar Charleston

Greg Farnum

Knife Party
Sam Herschel Wein

Kropotkin’s Universal Bread Distribution Apparatus
Wade German

Lamentations of a Conspiracy Geek
Wade German

The Late Watch at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Andrés Castro

Later Leah Jesus Damn
(inspired by the issue cover image)
Logo Wei

Lazy Jazz
Victorio Reyes

Ed Taylor

Learning to Play Basketball in Indiana
Benjamin DeVos

leaving Hugo
Terry Spohn

Legacy of My Kicks
Justin Rogers

Letter to the Terrorists
Bänoo Zan 

Letting the Monster Live
Deonte Osayande

Robin Wyatt Dunn

Lies I Tell Myself
Will Walker

Lies Men Tell
Gila K. Berryman

Life at Peak
Steven G. Hallett

Amanda Leigh Rogers

Light Gets Dressed in Dirt
Michael Kriesel

Like a Glowing Fire, after War
Laura Madeline Wiseman

Like a Maelstrom with a Notch
Lois Marie Harrod

Like Always
Bonnie Minden Ward

Lines of democracy
Eduardo Escalante

James Grabill

London, May 2016
Deonte Osayande

a long walk in dry boots
MaryEllen Talley

Lost in America
Dane Cervine

Love Flowers amidst the Blight
Lela E. Buis

Deonte Osayande

R. A. Allen

The Making of a Soldier
John C. Mannone

“a man sits …”
Eloise Brown

Manna for Syria
Mohja Kahf

Rob Carney

Married to the Job
Kristina Byrne

Simon Mermelstein

Deonte Osayande

A Merciful God
Chris Fradkin

Migratory Patterns
Carol Alexander

A Million-and-One Things Missing
Rob Carney

Mississippi Halloween
Matt Dennison

Modern Discussions
James P. Roberts

Ed Werstein

Mark Trechock

Moon Angels in the Trailer Park
Peter Magliocco

Motorhead Myopia
Mark Spitzer

Mrs. Whiteside
Tamer Mostafa

Much Improved
Gary Lark

My country calls it weeping
Sheikha A.

My Cousin’s Murderer Walks into the Courtroom
Diane Kendig

My Friend, the Prophet
Nadia Ibrashi

My Mother’s Names for Me
Susanna Lang

My Son Describes the KKK Video He Saw During His Field Trip to the Museum
Bobbie Lovell

National Illness
Bill Abbott

Elvira Basevich

Nazi Woodstock
Michael Kriesel

Heath Brougher

Negative Space
Miles Walser

Never Too Late
Robert Hill Long

The New Farm
Holly Day

The New Navigator
Mark Danowsky

Sara Backer

Next Door
Richard Swanson

Nobody Dies
Kathleen Hellen

No Cell Mine Long
Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

No hablo la lengua
Dylan Bargteil

No Man’s Land
Richard Hedderman

Nonretractable Claws
Vani Kannan

Leigh Chadwick

Occupy Philadelphia
← Kitchen

Declan Gould

Office Etiquette
Elizabeth J. Mitchell

Lowell Jaeger

On a Neighbor’s Foreclosure
Sara Biggs Chaney

On Guard
Karen Greenbaum-Maya

On Mourning
Summer Qabazard

On-the-Job Counseling
Ken Poyner

One Last Time
Lisa Timpf

One of the five movements?
Mark Young

Only We
Kate Niles

Opening the Previously Untouched Apollo 17 Moon Rock Sample
Vicki L. Wilson

Or Something
Karma Tenzing Wangchuk

The Origin of Fear
Tamer Mostafa

Original Sin
Michael Kriesel

Isaac Black

The Painter: a poem for my son after an IEP meeting
Jacob Stratman

Asnia Asim

Passing Through
Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Passive Voice
Kathleen M. Kelley

A patriot’s tale
Mark Young

from Peacenik
Michael Collins

A Personal History, by the Numbers: Peter Ota
May Kuroiwa

phantoms and lunatics and sponges
Greg Markee

Photo: Siege, Sarajevo
Deena Linett

Please Find Us
Babo Kamel

J. Zachary Rothstein

Poem about Race
Emily Zhang

Poem Ending with a Line by Shelley
Frederick Pollack

The Poet’s Dinner Party
Isaac Black

The Poetry of Timothy Geithner
Steven D. Stark

A Political Country
Nica Cornell

Posit: No Transaction Costs
Miriam Axel-Lute

John Perrault

Postcards to Whitman from Cuba
Emily Jo Scalzo

Jane Blanchard

* A practice ground :gravestones
Simon Perchik

Praise Song
Stevie Edwards

Pre-Apocalyptic Meeting Minutes
Marissa Lingen

pre divorce/post divorce
Gerald A. McBreen

Pretend Play
Ann Tweedy

Public House
Michael Collins

Mark Danowsky

Puzzle Book 27
Tom Gribble

Khadija Anderson

A Question of Focus
Herb Kauderer

Rai, Love
Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes

Raising Them
Chris Bullard

Mary Turzillo

A Ration of America
Marcos Neroy

Reality TV
Terry Cox-Joseph

The Recombinant Future
James Grabill

Recommended Daily Allowance
Rob Carney

Recovery. A Nonfiction.
Dylan Weir

A / red alert / remains in place
Mark Young

Remember Leon Trotsky
Jane Røken

Joseph Briggs

Laura LeHew

right of return
Abraham Younes

The Riot Act
Ian Willey

Riverside Pensions
Michael Jones

The Robot Recounts Human History
Ken Poyner

The Salutatorian Goes Minimalist
Michael Jones

Saving Grace
Colin Gilbert

Saving the World?
Stacia M. Fleegal

Say something about the imposition
J.M. Hall

Saying Goodbye to the Bush Years
Thomas R. Smith

Timons Esaias

School Shooting in 4 Dimensions
Patrick Wang

Security Guidelines
Jen Karetnick

Self-Made Man
Andy Posner

Senator Debbie Lesko Is Ready to Serve
Bern Mulvey

She Discovers Her Grandfather the Republican Lawyer Was a Secret Nazi Hunter
Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Benjamin Schmitt

Michael Jones

Silence Is the Necrosis of Your Future
Adam Levon Brown

The Sixth Pillar
Nigel Holt

Skeleton Hospital
Howie Good

Kirk Windus

Sleep Talk
Cameron Haramia

An SNL Skit
Prince A. Bush

Snowed In
Neal Wilgus

So an Angel Says
Richard Leach

Siham Karami

Something You Believe In
David Highsmith

Beth Cato

Mark Cunningham

Michelle Reale

Split Brains
Andy Dibble

John Reinhart

Emily Jo Scalzo

Stay Safe, People!
Ian Willey

Staying Down
Michael Jones

Stephen Has Lost Almost Everything
Carol Bell

Still Life
Rebecca Dunham

Still Lifes with Tolerance
Loria Mendoza

Stockholm Syndrome
Howie Good

Stock market closing in on all-time high
Ed Werstein

stone ground
Herb Kauderer

Stone Soup
Lisa Dominguez Abraham

A Storm Is Rising
Richard Spilman

Ken Poyner

Stutter Song
Albert Thomas

The Summer Georgia Killed Troy Davis
Benjamin Walker

Ken Poyner

The Symbiont, Cyborg, Robot Enfranchisement Workers’ Union
Ken Poyner

Technological Improvements
Maxwell Baumbach

Tectonic Drift
Mark Young

Mark Danowsky

Wayne Lee

That Man Has a Knife
Michael Denvir

that time of year again
J. D. Harlock

That Which Was Lost Is Now Found
Russell Brickey

Jane Yolen

There’s a stampede at the exit; please keep calm
Jane Røken

They Do
Nina Bennett

They Wanted Smaller Government
Mark Danowsky

They’ll Call the Cops on Your Fine, Black Ass
Melanie Stormm

Three Days of Peace
Kate Delany

Thirteen Things My Military Students Tell Me
That They Can’t Tell Their Parents

Anthony Frame

The Thirteenth Day.
Jonathan Dubow

This Is Not a New Thing
Jim Davis

This Woman Breastfeeds in Public. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!
Timothy Volpert

Thoughts on a Gay Suicide, Age 9
Sean Hanrahan

Thoughts on “The Small Clasp”
Sierra Golden

Three Wise Men
Jeremy Nathan Marks

Through the Alembic of Duarte
R L Swihart

thursday night dinner
Addison Kamb

Time Is Money
Ed Werstein

Times Two
Ann K. Schwader

“To keep from being lost”
Simon Perchik

Tamer Mostafa

“Toward an Animal Model of PTSD”
Mary Krane Derr

Toy Horse
Kristina Moriconi

The Transgender Moment
Donald Zirilli

The Tree
Jackleen Holton Hookway

The Trees
Willie James King

Trial & Error
Moni Brar

Truck Commercials
Mark Zimmermann

Deonte Osayande

Mary Shanley

Trying to Pronounce ‘nuclear option’
Harold Ackerman

Turkey-Shoot Tavern
Martha Kaplan

Two Heads
Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Two lectures on geography
Mary McLaughlin Slechta

Two Years In
Christine Potter

Unemployment Numbers
Mark Danowsky

Unhinged, 1987
Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Unlearning the Prejudice
Stephen Mead

Unreasonable Times
Steve May

Vanity Plates
Todd Mercer

Veteran Monument Restored
Ken Poyner

Viral Savior
Michael Kriesel

Virtually Deadly
Deonte Osayande

Vonnegut’s Babies
Jake Winkler

Waiting to Live
Stephen Mead

War Ghost
Steven Croft

The War Room
Cathy Guo

“the way each leaf …”
Simon Perchik

The Way Philanthropy Works
Ed Werstein

The Way Things Change
Kenny A. Chaffin

Ways To Get From Here to There
Laura Sweeney

We Need Another Language
Bern Mulvey

We Promised
Jack Mackey

“we’re measuring …”
Robin Wyatt Dunn

What Are the Chances
Carol Smallwood

What Every Mother Hopes For
Linda K. Sienkiewicz

What the Cats Notice about the Couple
Chera Hammons

What Will Become of Us?
Richard Roe

What’s on Your Mind?
Kathleen Naureckas

What’s the Very First Thing You Do upon Waking?
Richard J. Rosenthal

when a child describes his father’s house with a left hand
Ayoola Goodness

When Calling Home to Tell Your Dad about the Good Job
Stevie Edwards

When Nothing Changed
Jennifer A. McGowan

When We Were Put in Camps
Jane Yolen

Where I’m Going
Holly Day

While riding on the rails
Chris Fradkin

White Picket Fence
Daniel Romo

Why Afghan Women Risk Death to Write Poetry
Nadia Ibrashi

Why War
D. R. James

Why We Resist
Mary Soon Lee

Window Shops
M. A. Schaffner

Wonder Woman on Farwell Avenue
Phyllis Wax

The Word Factory
Mark Young

The World of Poetry
Matthew Nadelson

World of Warcraft
Aaron Lee Moore

Worn Out
John Sierpinski

Alan King

The Yellow-Striped One
Willie James King

Yeats’ rough beast is outside my window
Chad Hensley

You are weeding glass, eyes closed
Simon Perchik

You can tell by the curtain
Simon Perchik

You can’t hold back this knob
Simon Perchik

You Clamoring Empire
Ethan Phibbs

Your Shopping Cart
Stephen Galiani