hate mail

send us more, send us more!!!

The following letters were sent either in response to Mobius, or Black Armbands For Justice (which has been discontinued). They are unedited and reproduced in their entirety.


You have got to let it go. You lost the election. Please don't tell me you have a family to support and you are wasting your time here. You lost the election, have some honor and move on. Bill Clinton was the the most dishonorable President to lead this country in 50 years. He freaking lied to a federal jury. I never once proposed going to an innauguration of his and turning my back on him. For one thing, whether I voted for him or not he was the Commander and Cheif of my country. Secondly, I had the courage and the honor to carry a lost election with pride. I moved on. You, sirs and madams, are cowards. Even if not spending money on a single day actually works, the fact that you are so goddamn selfish and are putting your desires ahead of the good of this national economy shows how un-American you gutless bastards are. The root of all of your hate for this country that we live in. If you did not hate this country you would set your opinions of President Bush's performance aside and you would support him, at least in a public manner, this national economy you propsose to affect, and you would seek to in the very least make this country appear united. Think of the what you could say to the rest of the world? Think of what you could say to the insurgents in Iraq? Think of how much you could boost the morale of the troops if you just quit telling them that what they are doing is a mistake? But you won't do that. You won't set your personal differences aside, you won't think of someone else first. PLEASE RECOGNIZE THAT YOU ARE A MINORITY. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN AND THEY SAID "THANK GOD PRESIDENT BUSH IS OUR LEADER"!!!!!!!!! SUCKERS!!!!!

—John Tellman,


You are so sick and angry. You are truly psychotic.

—Heather Bellman





This is just another example of ridiculous behavior on the extreme lefts part to unashamedly push THEIR BELIEFS and THEIR AGENDA on the rest of the country. And incase you hadn't noticed the rest of the country doesn't buy into that liberal agenda. That was proved by the re-election of George W. Bush in November. But of course I wouldn't expect anyone in the left to understand how this whole Democracy things works. In addition I will be spending early and often come the morning of January 20. Move to Canada like you promised.

—David Battle,