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Volume 34 Number 2


The Water Charm
—Jonathan B. Ferrini

Sin at Michael’s
—Robert Fox

The Dodo Lives
—Marshall Geck

Dumpster Diving for Jesus
—Peter Halpin

Gossip and Lies
—David Larsen

  When Will the Revolution Find Us?
When Will the Revolution Find Us?
AI-generated image, 2023
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Songs of Resurgence wisconsin protest songs

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That Last Part of Pandora’s Gift
—Becky DeVito

Gen Z
—Wess Mongo Jolley

An American ballad
—Richard Magahiz

The Investment
—Mary Moody

On the Bike Path
—Caleb Perry Murdock

God Says
—Lindsay Rockwell

Human Resources
—Noel Sloboda

Ghost Boy
—Laura Tate

Why Don’t They Man Up?
—Phyllis Wax

States of America
—Ian Willey